Street Artist “Shepard Fairey”​ Releases ‘We the People’ Series at his Subliminal Gallery in Echo Park, California…

📷 Photography By Damian Rinaldi 📷

Shepard Fairey, which was the designer of the iconic Hope (2008) poster featuring President Barack Obama, is opening an exhibition at his Subliminal Gallery in Echo Park.

The posters, feature Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, and Latinas.

“It’s really about making sure that people remember that ‘we the people’ means everyone, it means all the people,” Fairey said. “I think the campaigns were very divisive, more from one side than the other. But [it’s] just reminding people to find their common humanity, and look beyond maybe one narrow definition of what it means to be American.”

In a statement on Fairey’s website www.WeThePeople.Org

Posters “ We the People “ series by Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant (

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