Holiday in Ghana 🇬🇭 — Day 1

Hi guys! Soooo, I’ve always wanted to visit Ghana, and thankfully, i stumbled upon some free time recently so i decided to take the trip to regain my sanity and basically just unwind.

I intended to go solo but when i mentioned it to my mom, i was surprised to learn that she had been thinking of doing the same thing when she got her leave from work.

My mom mentioned it to my aunt, who mentioned it to another aunt, and long story short, we ended up being 5 people and a baby, heading from Lagos to Accra.

We decided to go by the road for some personal reasons so we ended up moving from the Young Shall Grow park at Agboju.

We arrived by 6.30am but lo and behold, due to normal Nigerian shenanigans 🙄, we didn’t leave the park till a little after 9am.

I’m not a fan of road trips but i’ve gone on enough of them to confirm that sleep is the quickest way to make time pass.

So i plugged my earphones in and dozed off very swiftly. Oh and by the way, Young Shall Grow “served” us popcorn, jollof rice with meat and a bottle of water.

The rice was nice but very crayfish-ey so i just took a few spoons and picked out the meat.

Okay, so because Benin is a Francophone country, these messages started coming in from the service provider.

There were several stops along the way, first at the Cotonou border,

Then at Togo…

They had these really colorful bags for sale but i didn’t haggle because i hadn’t learned their currency and exchange rate yet, and also i didn’t want the bus to leave me and my baby cousin who was in my arms abeg so i moved on.

We had to cross the border on foot so i was able to take clearer pictures of the people and also listen to their beautiful language and accents.

This guy caught me snapping lol. Awkward

Here you go, random picture of a Togolese goat. You’re welcome 😂😂

There was one boring Nollywood movie showing in the bus but i was seated way back so i just kept listening to my music and dozing off under the cool a/c.

I woke up again because my seat “partner” tapped me to get off the bus and cross into the next border.

The guy was a really nice person sha. I ate rice, chocolates, pringles, shortbread, fried yam and gizzard, soft drinks, popcorn and more but he was fasting and i hope i didn’t torture him too much 😂

Meanwhile, we were waiting to sort ourselves out at the border, when i saw this. Boiled eggs heavily doused in salt. Why????

Then back to the bus 🚌

We tried this local delicacy called Abolo with shredded fish but i’m not much of an experimental eater so i went for Suya.

Their suya was so limp, i felt like i was chewing soaked paper. You people should come and learn Suya work in Nigeria 🙄

I bought fried yams and turkey with a little sauce tied in nylon. A bit salty but it was okay.

My first time handling the currency 💴

Back to the bus, let me inform you all to be very careful when crossing borders. These traders know you’re in a hurry so they might overcharge you for stuff or sell you bad items. Make sure to examine properly before paying or get someone who speaks French or the local dialect to bargain for you.

We arrived Tema, Ghana at 8.35pm and a nice Ghanaian guy named Asari who we met on the bus arranged a taxi for us to Spintex where we were lodged.

Our lodge in Spintex was pretty nice but we were too exhausted to explore so we showered, had dinner and dived into bed.


  • We left Lagos at a little after 9 and arrived Tema by to 9. Lagos is one hour ahead of Accra so, keep that in mind when making phone calls.
  • Roaming is bloody expensive so get a mobile sim card asap or hope that your residence has wifi like ours.
  • When traveling to a different country, take some food staples with you till you’re comfortable with the cuisine there. We had fried turkey, garri, and even egusi with us so we could cook indoors often.

That’s it for my first day in Accra, i’ll be posting daily for the next 5 days which is the duration of my stay, so please read, share, comment and all of that.

Thank you!

PS- what’s goodbye/see you in any Ghanaian language?

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