5 Types of athletes you will find at an obstacle course race.

  1. The daredevil

There is always a daredevil at all events. In addition to this person having zero fear, they sometimes might be lacking a little common sense as well. This is the person that lawsuits are made out of. These types of risk takers are why we all have to sign lengthy waivers before each race. They are the people on the course who makes you cringe, but keep your attention through their every move. Their actions will either be highly successful, or you are about to witness a ridiculous wipe-out! Either way, they will leave you with something to talk about. The phrase, “Hey man, watch this!” is one of the easiest ways to tell that you are in the presence of a daredevil.

2. The power walker

We all have been walking casually at some point on a course. Chatting with friends while catching our breath when suddenly, you hear someone shout “TO THE LEFT!” and zoom past you. As you quickly move to the side you see that you are being passed by a breed of competitive power walker. These men and women have pep in their step and power behind that repetitive sway of their hips. They are not normal ‘walkers’, they will fly past you effortlessly and do not mind speaking up to those who get in their way. You can sense the anger or frustration they have for you being in their way as they glare at you through their reflective sunglasses while quickly scooting by.

3. The fun runner

The fun runner is hands down the easiest person to spot on the course. They come by the hundreds if not thousands. They will be at every event you go to whether it is a big obstacle race or a small local trail run. Keep your eyes open for costumes, floaties, props, noise makers, crazy hats, and more! Some even run with phones blasting music or camel back full of something other than water. If you are near a fun runner you know that there will be endless laughs, consistent cheers, frequent screaming, and a true outpouring of joy for others.

4. The accident prone

This is a rarer breed of obstacle racer. This person honestly frequently places in the top ten. Watch as they cross the finish line and you will see that they are almost always limping. The first thing this person will tell you is that they sprained their ankle within the first mile of the course. They fall of walls, slip down ropes, find potholes, trip on stumps, and more. There is a good chance you will have to listen to the complaints on how they could have won without the injury. It isn’t their fault they lost. It is just the fact that they are accident prone. Quickly get that first beer in them. It usually relieves miles of agony and the pain, frustration, and limp will disappear.

5. The GPS tracker

This person can be tricky! You really do not know at first glance what type of obstacle racer this person is. They will be in the starting corral stretching and will obsessively check their GPS watch. Once out on the course this is the person who will keep yelling out the current mileage traveled every tenth of a mile traveled. You are bound to hear complaints that the course markers are all wrong along the way. This type of racer is good to be near if you care to have a constant countdown to how far away the finish line is.

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