The Great Hunger

I am a devourer of pixels. Ravenous and unyielding. Unsatisfied.

There is something to be said about the crazy amount of content the internet has given birth to. We can literally live a thousand lives in real-time. We can watch stars rise and fall through great feats and follies, all broadcast across countless portable devices, and we can just as easily move on to the “new” without giving the past a second thought.

The endless streams of content being created have made my career so far as a designer interesting to say the least. I’m always on the lookout for something great to admire. To devour. I’m a fan as much as I am a creator, and with that territory comes a great potential for distraction and procrastination. Sometimes I will sit for hours digesting the works of others, relishing their choice of type, or the way they chose to render a particular illustration. There’s so much to savor. I’ve always been this way. I’m conscious of how I can be influenced by a particular piece of media. It doesn’t change a damn thing. I am starving for more.

I used to leave the movie theaters after seeing a film and be “all about that thing” for weeks. I always needed the toys. It filled the edges of the movie’s experience. It allowed me to carry over the message and motion of the film into my own life, and that made it all the more personal. If I saw The Lion King, for example, I’d need to get all the toys. I was spoiled to a certain degree and this happened a lot. I had hundreds of toys that represented a wide and eclectic taste. If I saw a movie I had to have the toys. I had a lot of toys. I always needed more. The appetite was unquenchable.

Now that I’m older, but not too old to have forgotten the power of my childhood, I have replaced toys (to some degree) with capturing the feeling of things that inspire me by developing my own sense of a personal connection through design. It has taken me years to get even passably decent at the tools I use to work with, and as I get better with them I find myself using my skills to create rather than buy and collect.

There is a great hunger in me to expand on what I find inspiring. I am motivated by this hungerto maintain and grow the way certain things impact me on a personal level. As I grow and develop I am more and more inclined to visually expand on those feelings by the creation of my own art, and grow that personal relationship in new and meaningful ways. Movies are usually the most profound sources of inspiration for me since they are easy to consume, but TV and books have also play a role in growing this desire for content. I long for great experiences, and I hold onto them as best I can through the means that are available.

In a lot of ways I have evolved and begun to shape my imagination through the content I consume. What used to be hours of sitting and playing with toys has become hours of sitting and working at the computer. I am creating a narrative in some ways, but I am flattening it and folding it into something that can be appreciated by others who can then consume it and use it to inspire themselves. I am always on. I am always hungry.

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