Yinka just finished from NYSC, having stayed at home for two months ruined his mind, he collected a 35k/month job hoping for the best with time.

6 months later, he’s in a relationship with Kike. Not much, you can do with a 35k/month salary talk less of handling but Yinka still held his ground, doing the norms of the calls and other stuff.

It was a long distance relationship, Yinka was in Lagos, kike schools at Ibadan and lives at Iwo. It was a relationship of calls and IMs, and somedays Yinka would go down to Ibadan to see her.

It was pretty tough for him, maintaining the relationship, but he had faith, afterall “Love Conquers all”. So he kept on pushing even though he was stressed. I don’t know how true, but there is this thesis that say “Nothing you do when broke, will never be enough”.

On this windy evening, his BBM buzzed, it was a message from kike. It said, “I don’t want this again”, only normal to ask why. Yinka, i have prayed about it and I don’t want again, she said. This exact line was used on him some 3 years ago, when love you deeply, it ruins you. Yinka started begging, calling and all that, but it fell to a deaf ear

Bae already exited.

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