Romance ruins real love
Kris Gage

I almost did not open this article. Well, in fact, I passed over it but came back later and jumped in. Having done so, I can say I’m pleased that I read through to the end.

I am not ready to bail on romance (properly defined) and I do romance my wife, my best friend, on a regular basis. She says, “You dote on me.” Indeed I do. We will be heading south to a delightful bed and breakfast in a Pacific coastal town within the week.

The problem arises when the relationship is all frosting and no cupcake. Romance atop a relationship of deep and abiding love is a wonderful thing. Romance without love is a lie, an empty fairy tale, relationship pornography.

I love my wife, cherish her, and treasure her. I will romance her into our 90s if we live that long.

Thanks for the thought-provoking article.