Observation on Mac Touch Bar and touch in general
Steven Sinofsky

I still find Apple’s taboo against touchscreens on the iMac puzzling. My experience using Windows touchscreens is that I often forget and use keyboard and mouse anyway, HOWEVER when the app lends itself to touch it’s a different story. For example, it seems much more natural to touch the screen when navigating the new Windows home-screen layout — much moreso than in, say, Word. So I suspect that what’s really holding touch back is apps.

Another way of looking at it is that Apple has been a leader with the iPad, and perhaps there’s fear that putting touch on notebook screens destroys that separation between OSX PCS and iOS tablets. Although why that would be a problem is confusing and suggests that as the article said, Apple doesn’t really recognize who their customers are. New apps and a new interface might spark another paradigm-shift, but Apple seems more interested in maintaining strong unit sales in well-defined niches.

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