A link dump for AL Sen ads. Contact Dan for Always Forward’s detailed report.

Jones Camp

Message: secure borders, strong military, pro 2A, anti abortion, Moore lies
“I want to go to DC to find common ground”
Ok, at least one ad was on a Dem issue
Targeting Republicans

This just might possibly have something to do with why Democrats have lost 1000 seats over the past eight years.

Not a metaphor at all, nope. (via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

“There’s nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos.” -Jim Hightower

“When all else fails, blame the consultants.” -Apocryphal

Because I enjoy many forms of suffering, I’ve been going through all the ads I can find online for the GA 6 special election. I’m limiting this analysis to just ads that are available online. It’s possible that some ads were tv-only, and if so, they aren’t included here. And to be honest, I gave up after watching a bunch of the IE (Independent Expenditure, i.e. SuperPAC) ads attacking him. The patterns became clear enough.


Future Earth, by Marco

Last week, a new novel book by a moderately well-known conservative author launched, and Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords. These things are connected.

This about sums up the Paris Accords decision:

I’m not going to give the conservative author the free promotion by mentioning his name or his book, but here’s the deal. I follow a lot of conservatives. Some of them seem like genuinely nice people, at least most of the time.

This guy is not one of them.

Sure, It’s probably a schtick for his online persona. Who knows. He’s probably…

Listening to the coverage of Trumpcare yesterday, something hit me: every single dang idea the Republicans are basing their backwards health care system reform on are truly, awfully terrible. A lot of the arguments they are making are completely awful, too. It’s such a cavalcade of hideously bad ideas that it seems almost weird.

Think about it. This is quite a run:

High risk pools. These are particularly egregiously terrible, because they go against the whole point of insurance, which is to taking the burden of the risk of getting hurt or sick that ALL of us face, then spreading…

Quick summary: check out and share alwaysforwardus.com, a new multi-issue organizing hub for research, meeting with elected representatives, and replacing the ones that refuse to act on climate, strengthening the safety net, fair economics, gun safety, privacy, and other issues. Read on for more details!

How This All Started

Two summers ago, I had one of those conversations that leaves you with an idea you can’t quite get out of your head…

“You know what would really scare Congress to move on climate? If ordinary people started showing up at their offices to talk about it, not just activists.”

The idea came from Bruce…

Dear family members that are still considering voting for Trump,

Please, think twice about this.

I’m going to try to politely and substantively make the case here as to why you shouldn’t. I apologize up front if I fail to be either substantive or polite. I know you don’t trust mainstream/corporate media — and you’re not wrong to be skeptical — so I’ve tried to link to conservative sources on these stories wherever I can.

I understand if you can’t bring yourself to vote for Clinton. You can vote for Evan McMullin, or for Gary Johnson. I’ve heard of a…

He’s been great news for the progressive movement. She could be even better.

I vigorously endorse both Bernie and Hillary. I love both of them, and I love their supporters. But it’s time to vote. I was genuinely undecided until the argument here clicked for me this weekend. And as angry as the AP “calling” this for Hillary makes me, tomorrow morning I will deliver my ballot with the arrow next to Hillary Rodham Clinton filled in.

First off, I have a mountain of gratitude for Bernie and for my friends and everyone else who has worked so hard on his campaign. Bernie and his campaign have done more to challenge the forces…

“Yeah, so about that. How’s it going.” Julietta was quiet. “The Sludge thing is a little intense. You doing ok?”

“Oh, you know.” She stared out the window. “Fuck that guy, seriously. But I do keep thinking about it. What he said, not so much. But the death threats and the bullshit tidal wave we are getting online has been rough at times. The staff is doing a great job insulating me from it and cleaning it up, but I’ve looked at the raw feeds myself a couple of times. …

Please enjoy the beginning of chapter 1 of my new novel, 2063: Project Weedpatch, a story about systemic, transformative change that’s kind of a diverse, sexy, grassroots West Wing. This excerpt is the first third or so of the chapter; you can get the rest in PDF, iBooks and Kindle formats at read2063.com. And do let me know what you think, my contact information is on the site. Thanks, and enjoy!

Julietta Collins laughed.

Their ramshackle campaign office normally had a bustle to it, but it broke through to a new level of haywire as half the desk & cell…

There has been a ton written about #VANghazi so far. I started writing this for publication but it got a bit long, so I’ve given it a quick edit, broken it up into four parts and posted it here. If the conversation is still going in January, I’ll revisit revising and publishing it then.

Here’s the best writing about VANghazi so far:

Will Conaway, NationBuilder: Why the NGP VAN model hurts democracy (Medium) Josh Hendler, former DNC: Why The Bernie Breach Isn’t About Technology, And What’s At Stake (Medium) David Atkins, CA Activist: An Explanation of What Bernie Sanders Staffers…

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