Mobile-first is now standard.

Smartwatches are to get quick things done, not change your life.

Developers need to forget about thinking mobile first and seeing the Watch as simple extension to the iPhone.

That’s the thing, though. The Apple Watch is exactly that. At least, with WatchOS1.

The Apple Watch is designed to help with fitness and health, give you access to quick things like messages, notifications, alerts. Whilst at the same time being a watch. It’s not meant to replace your iPhone.

That said, with watchOS2 we will get “Native Apps” (though the actual nativeness is still to be defined from what I’ve heard). Which means there should be apps that will stay on the Apple Watch and not interact via an app on your iPhone. However, this won’t change the fact that it’s not meant to replace your iPhone. It’s impossible for that to be the case. You’re not going to write emails, take calls and play games on your watch full time. Not only will you look strange but you’ll get RSI.

Apple Watch is not a downsized iPhone. Therefore the Watch apps should not be downsized iPhone apps with bolt-on features for existing apps. Start from scratch.

This is what will be interesting when watchOS2 is released. What will developers come up with that no one has thought of using the Apple Watch for before? At the moment, developers cannot think out side the box as much because watchOS1 relies so much on your iPhone for the app. Once this is native in watchOS2, developers have more opportunity to go wild and access the watch in better ways.

Roll on watchOS2, where we will really find out the capability of the Apple Watch.

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