Yes, iTunes needs rebuilt… But at least it has potential.

There seems to be a massive uproar at the moment in that iTunes for the Mac and PC is broken.

iTunes has always been a marmite experience. Some people embrace it, others don’t understand it and wonder why they can’t do things that they did with their Nokia N95s…

The way Apple devices work has changed since iTunes began. You no longer need to use iTunes at all if you own a device. iTunes is back to just being an entertainment app where you can get all your audio and video needs…

But then Apple Music launched.

The launch of Apple Music has been brilliant. On iOS, the service works nearly perfectly. It’s a new service, so bugs were always expected… But on iOS the experience has been pleasant.
iTunes however… that’s a different story.

It’s very clear that Apple Music on iTunes has been more of an afterthought. It feels rushed. Feels like not much has been tied up together.

An example of this — try creating your own playlist of Apple Music items. The tracks you add to this playlist, end up in your “My Music” — which is fine I guess… But then this also clogs up your “Recently Added”.

That album I just bought after listening to it on Apple Music? Can’t find it. Recently Added is too full of tracks added to the playlist.

On that note — have you ever bought a track after listening to it on Apple Music?

I added the new album by artist “RAM” to My Music and listened to it. I loved it so much I bought the album. This automatically downloads into iTunes which is GREAT! But … it keeps the Apple Music version there, too! So not only do I have two copies of the album, meaning all tracks are there twice. But if I want to remove the duplicated album, it removes all of it.

Oddly, I then re-downloaded the album again from iTunes Purchased and one track went missing. Just, disappeared… Forcing me to contact iTunes Support who were very helpful in reinstating the track to my account and getting it fixed.

Fingers crossed we get an update to iTunes very quickly, before this 3 month period ends and people question why they’re paying for this service…

The service itself is great. It — seems to be — fairer to artists which is always important for me. It just needs a little more TLC and, well, common sense added for it to be worth some peoples time.

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