Thinking Digital 2017: Social Media Now and Next

So, I did a talk on Social Media at Thinking Digital 2017 – fulfilling a long time ambition to speak at this superb event since first attending in 2009. I love Thinking Digital – run by the wonderful Herb Kim – always full of brilliant people and it was an honour to share a stage with this year’s presenters, who included Mark Mullen, CEO of Atom Bank (whose opening talk was so effortlessly witty and wise, I nearly deleted my presentation and ran), @doctor_astro Anita Sengupta on landing on Mars and the future development of Mars and Imogen Heap who played a song using gestures and wifi gloves.

I spoke about the state of Social Media platforms today: why they are where they are, why they do what they do and what they’re likely to do next. Principally, it’s about AR and customising Reality, why we like disappearing media and how deeply invested social media platforms are in video.

If the camera is the new keyboard, then filters are the new fonts.

I even shelled out £12 on a Snapchat geo-filter for a couple of hours around the Sage Gateshead arena – just to cement my status as a social media wanker. Thankfully some kind people obliged me with a snap.

I hope to break the themes of the talk out into separate Medium posts here, but for now, to save you the wait, someone Periscoped my bit. I’m not sure if this will play in Medium or you’ll have to click through. Anyway:

Or you can find the whole thing on Thinking Digital’s Facebook page. My presentation starts around 2:12:00 in the video, but I wholly recommend watching all of the speakers in the session – all of the sessions, in fact. It’s just plain good for your brain.