Another month cycling — lessons learnt

I’ve learnt some important lessons;

  1. Chains are consumables. Your bike chain will stretch or wear. This will in turn wear your gears. This is bad. Lots of noise and just a horrible feeling when pedalling. Buy a chain wear indicator and replace the chain when it’s time! If you have to replace your cassette or a worn chain do both at the same time. changing the cassette looks scary but once you have the correct tool it’s not that difficult.
Oooh, nice, a shiny new cassette.

2. If you are having trouble upshifting your rear gears and indexing doesn’t fix the problem then it is likely a gear cable problem. I replaced my inner gear cable and the ‘sheathing’ and corrosion was clear. Shifting is now as smooth as ever!

3. Finally, I think I was using the incorrect type of lubricant. My chain wore out very quickly and I wondered why. I have been using ‘wet’ lubricant as my route to work is pretty off road at times so I thought this was good for the conditions. In hindsight this might have been attracting and keeping more dirt on the chain, in turn wearing it out. I’m now trying ‘dry’ lubricant in the hopes the dirt will not be such a problem.

My next challenge is to find out where a crunching noise is coming from — it may be time to try and get the bottom bracket out and clean it up!

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