The start of a new journey

In August and September 2014 I dedicated a lot of time to writing a proposal to submit to the Individual Fellowship of the European Commissions Horizon 2020 Programme. A learning curve in itself with only ~4/21 pages detailing the proposed science. Five months later I was fortunate enough to learn that I had been successful and been awarded the fellowship.

After a few months of administration complications (our institute recently transferred from Cancer Research UK to become part of the Francis Crick Institute) this month was the start of my Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship, colloquially known as a Marie Curie fellowship.

Part of the grant coincides with an aim I already hope to develop — public engagement and outreach, as such this is the start of that process. What form it will take I’m as yet unsure. I’d quite like to give an honest picture of day-to-day academic science, because often we only see the polished results as ‘advertised’ in traditional publications and on Twitter etc.

My current thinking is to provide a picture a day on Twitter and then follow up with further context in longer blog posts when needed.

Will I have enough time do this everyday? Or possibly a more detailed post every week? I don’t want to filter the output too much so we’ll see what happens. I hope to provide an interesting perspective following the details of a multidisciplinary research project and all that surrounds it, including teaching, outreach, the excitement, the lows, the problems and opportunities of moving laboratories to the bold new experiment of the Francis Crick Institute.

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