Summary of our “Digital Age Wealth Management” Report, including The Market Map vendor assessment methodology

A few years back, I was working in corporate strategy. As part of the role, I was sometimes also managing the relationship with various well-known consultancies doing vendor-assessment reports, more specifically in the core banking / digital banking platforms space.

Spending a considerable amount of time, every year, orchestrating the questionnaire responses and then digesting the results of the matrixes, it slowly became clear that the lens through which they were looking at the market was losing its focus.

When the market goes through a paradigm shift — which is a perfect storm fueling a radical re-imagination of every layer…

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Ownership of the internet is coming into focus. Two editions ago, we highlighted an interesting article from David Galbraith looking at the hegemony of the internet. In the article, David demonstrates how the infrastructure of the new economy is controlled by…

[ a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #25] — September 2019

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There have been a lot of new subscribers to this strategy digest lately, so as well as extending a very warm welcome to new joiners, I feel I should point out that previous editions of this newsletter can be found on our archive page here. They’re full of (atemporal) gems.

At a p e r t u r e, we publish our own articles here, as well as our podcast where we are in conversation with people thinking and doing things differently…

[ a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #24] — August 2019

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Inspired by our previous newsletter on fintech, we have published on a p e r t u r e| hub an article titled What is a challenger bank for?

In it, my colleague Ben delves into the strategic objectives that should underpin the launch of a challenger brand by incumbent banks. We’d love to get your feedback on it.

[ a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #23] — July 2019

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Since our previous newsletter last month, we have published on our a p e r t u r e| hub two new podcasts and one blog article.

[ a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #22] — May 2019

a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #22 — Unlike popular opinion, the future is invisibile

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Over the past two weeks, here in the a p e r t u r e community we have been thinking about Europe’s struggle to build successful tech companies. While it unquestionably needs internet age giants, we question whether China or the US represent the right models to imitate. In fact, we increasingly see Switzerland as offering the right recipe for digital age success.

In this article published last week by Ben Robinson, The Internetworked Nation, he dispels a few common misconceptions about Switzerland —…

[ a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #21] — May 2019

a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #21 — artwork by @morysetta (IG)

The future of strategy depends not on changing perspective, but on changing perspective and light

Herbert Simon advocated for insight, not abundance | Artwork by @morysetta (IG)

Strategists love lenses.

We use them to look at organisations, at markets, at societies, at the world. They absorb information. We use them to choose what to see, and more importantly, what not to see. By doing that, we understand trends and create recommendations and plans that organizations of all kinds can follow.

Strategists also love to change lenses.

Looking at the same information from different vantage points reveals key insights. As such, we often hear strategists ask — what if we look at this through a different lens? And so yes, we do like to change lenses often, so that we can absorb information differently. …

Or how the short-term accommodation-rental platform should re-discover its roots as a safety layer for both guests and hosts

By Dan Colceriu, curator of a p e r t u r e newsletter

Robert F. Kennedy sleeps on the floor of a plane during his 1968 presidential campaign

August 2018 marks ten years since Airbnb was founded. The company is now facing a perfect storm of challenges, but it is precisely in storms that its future might lie. This article explores new opportunities, as well as the obligations the platform has to its stakeholders.

At the end of the article, as per the custom with low-cost airlines, please don’t forget to clap.

A conference is coming to town

When almost-broke, early-millennials Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia decided ten years ago to turn into an online business model their initiative of…

Humankind has always had a thirst for knowledge. As technologies improved, people’s ability to consume that knowledge grew. But, with the advent of the Internet, technology overshot. While the internet broke the hold of publishers, empowered a much wider group of writers and lowered the costs of consumption, the social platforms that now serve up content are failing to deliver any meaningful returns on our time. We are fed too much content, too often, without context and so often sensationalized to try to hold our overexercised attention. News digests — like the one I curate on strategy — offer a…

Dan Colceriu

strategy and content @aperture_hub |

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