How Brands can Address Challenging Customers & Influencers on Social Networks

We are in the digital age. In this age, social networks are the wave of the future. Today’s consumer is empowered. Social consumers quickly share their thoughts about a product or an experience on Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other networks. Brands need to be present on social networks to interact and engage with the empowered consumer. More consumers are consulting their social networks for product recommendations. It is important for brands to listen to their customers on social networks.


An article goes out on Twitter about how a customer who credits a particular tool with helping her improve business results. A group of disgruntled Influencers and Industry insiders reply negatively claiming the story was paid for or sponsored by the company.

I would do the following to address the issue:

  • Handle the situation right away stating that the story was not paid for and that the customer was a satisfied user of the product
  • Edit the content to state that no one was paid for their opinion

To address Tweet that said, (“Company X just takes money from people to put up this crap- that tool sucks.”)

I would:

  • Ask them to explain why they felt that way and if they had an issue with the product
  • Share this with the company so they could address any issues these customers may have had with the product

I would take immediate action to make sure the situation was contained. My priority would be to protect the Company brand.

How have you handled challenges on Social Media? Comment and share below.