Rethinking Media Literacy
Bill Simmon

I really liked your analogy of a “shot being a word, a sequence of shots is like a sentence. A scene is like a paragraph, and so on.” You mentioned how most citizen media is “stop it” and inspired the reader to go deeper and add more to the conversation- hopefully objectively, and not only sensationalized. I’m a Prevention Educator at a Violence Resource Center for all types of crimes- coming from a Communications Media background, I’m more and more adamint on being Media Literate- from the TV shows children, teens and adolecents watch, to the music and even their style of clothes they wear. I find it interesting and almost humorous that if you “criticize” media, as in Critical Media Literacy how stark these fans and supporters are of the show- almost religiously and occultish. Its very difficult to get teens to even entertain the thought of stepping back, and putting on a different ‘lens’ when viewing such media such as: Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, RealityTV, etc. specifically, how such media romanticizes violence and normalizes extreme behaviors. Don’t believe me? try and comment on one of the most watched shows on YouTube and you’ll get some mighty backlash from the supporters. We have to keep in mind- most media is to sell that product, thought, or lifestyle. Thanks again Bill!