What you need to know about those “selfie girls”
Kelly Holmes

If you actually listen to the audio of the announcers, they’re not necessarily “SHAMING” young, beautiful, college-aged female girls. Granted, when we think of the typical ‘Victim’ in our mind, we automatically “picture” someone of this exact appearance, i.e. young, innocent, shy, pretty..etc, therefore its easy for us to immediately jump to the heated angst of shaming and objectification, gender bias, etc. But that’s not even necessary- it was a boring Baseball game, and these announcers made light of our obsession with our phones, not necessarily how its being spun of “Females being obsessed with themselves”

What I take from this observation is that 1. We’re still too quick to sensationalize issues by highlighting status (as I said about how they’re college aged, beautiful, young, etc.) if it was a group of girls that weren’t as pretty would we have seen this? maybe, maybe not… and 2. There is too much of an emphasis on Perfection in our society, the ‘Selfie Generation’ of teens and young adults are infatuated with how many Likes or Followers they have.

Low self-esteem and an elated sense of ego comes when we only focus on the physical appearance we see in the mirror daily- its not about how the world sees you, its about how you see yourself, in all your imperfections, accepting any vulnerability and realizing that this so-called Shame is just enabling a culture that is desensitized to the micro-aggression's we’re being conditioned to have against the opposite sex.

P.S. this post is not intended to “Minimize” what the announcers made light of, but its to highlight how we “Maximize” issues to infuse anger and rage against people. We’re all human, accept the humanness.

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