Expand Your Reality Tunnel

Everyone is always on the hunt for the new, novel and next.

“What’s the next big thing?”

“Let’s innovate.”

“We need to be creative and think differently.”

“What’s the new trend?”

“We need insight on millennials.” (sigh)

“We need to understand X.”

The problem is that most people are too focused on their day to day work, politics, just getting by (hello emails and meetings) or stuck in their social and media reality tunnel and habits. This includes myself and others who work in this space full time. Habits can become stale if not examined.

You need to diversify.

What you read, your experiences, the people you interact with, your thoughts, actions and routines. Walk or drive home a new way. Read magazines you have no interest in. Inspiration, context and pathways to empathy exist everywhere.

Huge shout out to personal heros Robert Anton Wilson and Watts Wacker.


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