Photo by Rob Hirai


He was born in a weird country in a weird world, where the people is blind and want to do things that just is for their bennefit. In this strange world, the boy was cautivated by the opinions and the reasons for superiority above everyone.

Someday, he thought that this kind of things pities the mind and the soul, and he protested on his neighborhood for the right of all the people. But the president of this place decided encarcelate him.

He lost? Yes, he lost it.
He lost the archaic idea about survive, where you need to be above everyone to have successes.
He lost the fear to show his ideas and to protest when is necesary.
He lost hates from the world, ’cause when he was born the people teached him all the stereotypes to discriminate the rest of the people.

That’s a short story, right? 
but maybe familiar.
Who lose? who try to be the best above all or who want the same for the rest of the people?
The boy lost?