Last week, the House of Commons’ International Development Committee (IDC) released a report providing the first official scrutiny of the government’s proposed framework for future UK development spending. The new aid strategy, entitled ‘UK aid: tackling global challenges in the national interest‘, was originally released in November 2015. The publication of this joint Treasury and Department for International Development (DFID) document signified the most important change in national development policy since the passing of legislation to commit to spending 0.7% GNI on aid earlier in the same year. …

In December 2013, two weeks after the start of South Sudan’s recent internal conflict, South Sudanese academic Jok Madut Jok told a New York Times interviewer: “The two men will eventually sit down, resolve their issues, laugh for the cameras, and the thousands of civilians who have died will not be accounted for. No one will be responsible for their deaths.” …


Dan Cullen

LLM Qualifying Law Degree student @BirkbeckLaw

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