The coronavirus pandemic has shown first hand the importance of digital skills. During lockdown, millions of people have been relying on technology to work and stay connected from home.

Although lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased and offices are beginning to reopen, remote working is here to stay. In fact, a recent study conducted by O2, ICM and YouGov found that nearly half of workers (45%) want more flexible ways of working after lockdown.

Of course, it’s not just remote working where digital literacy becomes important. With businesses increasingly adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud platforms and data analytics…

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is a shortage of employees with tech skills. In the UK alone, research shows that 11.3 million people don’t have the complete range of basic digital skills while 4.3 million people have none.

As the technology ecosystem rapidly expands and businesses invest in new innovations to increase competitive advantage, it’s crucial that efforts are made to close this gap and train the workforce of the future. But how can that be done?

Tech skills are paramount

The recent coronavirus pandemic has definitely highlighted the importance of digital skills. With millions of…

I don’t have kids myself, but I do have 4 amazing nephews (aged 2–8) that keep me on my toes. I’m always thinking about them and what the future might look like for them, and specifically, what technology they will be using.

When I went to school, I remember getting careers advice and completing two-week work experience, recording and evidencing it all in my Record of Achievement (ROA). I still have my personal development plan and certificate from the car garage I went to.

Some would say hiring and privacy are like chalk and cheese, they don’t go together, they clash. With current traditional recruitment/hiring methods & products, they’re focused on delivering the end result and sometimes slip on the principles and controls. Not considering the consent of the individual and their understanding of how their information is being used and treated.

How many HR and Recruitment Practitioners, or even Hiring Managers, print off CVs to sift through in order to find that one shinning person? How many of you have taken those piles of paper home? Who’s left them in plain sight? …

After a few months of solid hard work, we have finally released the new platform with Saas now available.

Hiring managers can now sign up to a platform that puts candidates first in a privacy-focused hiring platform. An ATS that keeps the candidate in the picture.

No recruitment agencies allowed, this is our promise to our community. Our goal is to bring a new ethical approach to hiring that puts the candidate first.

Our journey has been tough and we still have a few rough edges, but it won’t be long before they’re gone. The process of building a product comes with its own lessons and I’ll be starting to share my journey as we grow our business and community.

Would love any feedback, just check out

2017 was a really tough year for me as a founder, lack of funding, slow progress, trying to keep a team positive in such a harsh environment, and a product that was miles from my dream. 2017 just didn’t seem to want to progress in the way I wanted. We did develop some amazing new partnerships which took time to flourish but at a cost of money and time I just didn’t have. …

Ever wonder how recruitment agencies find your details and then contact you for irrelevant job opportunities?

Here at Digital Profile we’ve taken the time to explore just how your information is trawled and manipulated by people you don’t even know! The cases of information that unfolded along our journey is actually what lead to us to build our platform. We felt it was time to take back control, and focus on privacy, allowing YOU to decide just how long someone can have access to your information.

Like many professionals across the globe, I’m sure you have a Linkedin account or…

Hi everyone, if you want to know more about what where doing at DigitalProfile go have a look at our ProductHunt page.

For anyone that registers through our ProductHunt page we’ll send you out some free stickers!!

Fancy getting your hands on a Digital Profile sticker? Register today and we’ll send you one in the post.

Shortly we’ll be releasing our new version of Digital Profile and will be looking for feedback.

Help support us change the way businesses and digital professionals find each other.

Ed Stafford — former Army captain turned adventure. Ed’s website.

I’ve written before about how one of the biggest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is maintaining our motivation and finding the strength to push on, overcoming obstacles and regrouping after setbacks. In my own case this is especially true when we are going through phases with Digital Profile where the stuff I’m doing feels tedious, repetitive or doesn’t give that sense of progression or achievement that I thrive on.

Obviously startup life (like the rest of life) isn’t going to be 100-miles-an-hour excitement all the time, but for a lot of us that’s what we find so exciting about being…

Dan Lewis

Founder of, tech platform for sharing, learning, and progression skills & career

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