The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride:

Creating change through the unifying power of motorcycles

On September 27th, 2015, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride encouraged 37,074 riders from around the world to raise awareness for one cause — Prostate Cancer. This organized group ride invites men and women from 410 cities across 79 countries to dress up in their finest and ride together. The international one day event, which happens simultaneously around the world, has raised $2,280,144.00 USD so far this year alone.

The many faces, from all walks of life coming together to celebrate their passion for the ride and to support a great cause for men’s health.

This year was my first time attending the event in Toronto. As an avid rider, this specific ride resonated with me more than most other charity rides. Being able to raise money for prostate cancer research by doing something I love was an exceptional reason enough, however this event painted a larger picture for the moto community.

Paul from leads DGR2015 Toronto.
As riders, we all identify with the freedom and joy that riding brings to us.

Despite the positive energy that is generated by our experience as riders, we must also bear the burden that stereotypes impose on our community and to bikers in general.

What I have been able to experience through this years’ event was the ability to combat the negative stereotypes that revolve around bikers. By encouraging classic gentlemen and genteel lady folk attire, as well as proper manners, the DGR event brings forth a positive environment that reflects what the moto community is about and shows us that chivalry isn’t dead after all.

DGR reveals the true nature of the motorcycle community. A community built from a large spectrum of unique individuals who simply love to ride, and love to share their positive experiences with others.

But the true magic of this event doesn’t reside simply on the image it paints of the community. It clearly demonstrates how, through a common experience, we as individuals, are able to unify as a community and create change despite not previously knowing one another.

Till next year, Toronto!

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