Shut the F$^k up “Mr. Boss Man”

... or I’ll shoot you with a banana…

It’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m visiting with a young CEO. Dude’s like 39. He reached out to me because his business hasn’t quite launched yet, and he’s already running an employee turn over rate of 63%. Ouch!!!

I offered to spend a couple of hours with him at the site, and get a feel for the environment, before anything else. He agreed.

So here I am at about 3 pm just kicking it with the employees, when “Mr. Boss Man” comes out launching at one of the supervisors: “Are you crazy? What the f&^k did you order this Air conditioner?” “ Didn’t I specifically warn you NOT to buy this one?”” You’re too damn stupid. Don’t you know this was consume more power?”

This verbal assault went on for like five minutes before I intervened. My intervention was simply to pick up the delivery note which THE BOSS had thrown on the floor while on his rage. I called the number on the front and said, “hi, this is Daniel from XYZ company. You delivered three A/C units here earlier today. actually it seems like we mistakenly ordered the wrong one. Can you please come pick them up tomorrow to replace with the energy saving ones?

The response on the other end?

“OK Sir, we’ll be there tomorrow at about 11:30 to pickup those ones.”

I walked up to Mr. Boss Man and told him that guys will be here tomorrow to replace the A/C.

His response? “Thank you man; I was going to do that; but this guy” (referring to the supervisor) “acts too stupid sometimes”.

Actually, Mr. Boss Man. you’re the one who is too Damn Stupid to treat your employees like that and expect them to stay with you. So do us all a favor, and Shut the F$^k up; cuz you really have no clue….

And if you’ve found yourself behaving like Mr. Boss Man some times, you need to desist or else your business will be dead even before it’s really born.

— —

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