The TEA 🍵 Hedge

Nov 23, 2018 · 1 min read

Why TEA hedged how!

Please excuse me for not updating the Weekly TEA. I was in heavy buidling mode on two startups and in the middle of moving flats. And then came the dive…
The appropriate contingency plan was whipped out and led to the following rebalancing, swift and fast thanks to ICONOMI’s awesome interface 🙏

Bitcoin (BTC) decreased to the minimum of 8%, since we bottomed out and according to my amateur analysis the next support is somewhere around 1337 USD.

Added Factom (FCT) with 12% weight. Solid project, real world integrations with focus on DLT solutions for e.g supply chain management. One of the few assets with steady rise over the past days when bitcoin was diving deep.

Added TrueUSD (TUSD) with 10% weight as a hedge, in order to (at some point in the future) potentially buy back Bitcoin.

Removed District0x (DNT) and SaltLending (SALT) since they’re not going anywhere but down in this current market.

Let’s keep buidling and as some may say keep “flushing out the tourists” 💪⭐️

nothing contained in here is investment advice!

Your attention is as always most appreciated! 🙏

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