The Weekly TEA 🍵 #5

Oct 21, 2018 · 5 min read

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Let’s look at what happened in the week from 14th to 21st of October.
After Tether almost imploding, the markets seemed to have caught a break from the eternal bear.

Crypto 🗝 Events

Bitcoin Liquid launches

Tether Illiquid?

On Bitfinex the bitcoin price spiked up to 7k USDT, arbitrage followed and pushed the overall price average up on all other exchanges, leading to a fresh breeze on the market.

What assets will traders hedge into once Tether starts breaking again, maybe next time for good? Will it be other stable coins, back into bitcoin, other privacy focused coins or legacy assets like precious metals and (tokenized) real estate?

Sony & Blockchain: a Digital Rights Management story

Fidelity Investments leaps into crypto

Ethereum Constantinople delayed

The Constantinople hard fork is is a system-wide Ethereum update designed to increase the network’s efficiency, and notably includes plans to reduce block rewards for miners, as well as to introduce changes to the network’s consensus mechanism that would make it more resistant to ASIC miners.

BAKKT — On track for November Release

Bakkt’s first contracts will be physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts versus fiat currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR. For example, buying one USD/BTC futures contract will result in daily delivery of one Bitcoin into the customer’s account.

other 📝 worthy stuff

The Value of DGD?

Civil scratches ICO

Will other projects follow in order to be compliant with approaching regulations? Is it because they’re based in the US?

Decreed launches Politeia!

Politeia gives holders of the cryptocurrency a way to exercise control over every aspect of the project, meaning it puts the Decred treasury in their hands. That treasury currently holds DCR 570,000, valued at roughly $21 million.
The treasury is funded by a portion of new coins emitted with each block, so it’s constantly growing.

If Iconomi manages sometime in the future to enable voting of held assets, this would be a top pick for a new TEA addition.

As Decred users start making proposals for expenditures and the community begins voting them through, Yocom-Piatt is going to initially maintain a veto power over expenditures. His veto power will sunset in six to 12 months when control of the funds moves from Decred Holdings Group LLC, an organization he manages, to a smart contract.

Monero Bulletproof live!

Average fee reduced from 60 to 2 cents!

Binance Coin 🔥

In the Medium post, Binance mentions that the cryptocurrency market has been “extremely stable” during the majority of the last quarter. This stability has, in turn, resulted in less price volatility on the exchange, and ultimately less trading volumes.

Moving 194M USD for 0.10c

BitGo receives $15M from Goldman Sachs

Ravencoin Main Net Launch imminent

This protocol is designed to do one thing and do it well: help people easily issue secure tokens.

Get ready to reserve any desired names and be sure to stack up on RVN in order to do so.

Main net Launch is set for 31st October.

The 🎁 Corner

The Bike of Lightning

Bank prohibits buying bitcoin, now possibly laundering money

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