Every Single Left-of-Trump person in America should arm themselves NOW!

Daniel Nicodemo
Jun 27, 2018 · 2 min read

I highly suggest anyone who cares about this country and considers themselves left of Trumpers arm themselves as quickly as possible.

Regardless of the outcome of the midterms, this country is in very serious danger. The people driving the bus are NOT Americans: they relinquished their citizenship long ago when they became part of the Russian intelligence mechanism. The court was already too centrist, and is now firmly right of center, which includes an “Activist” judge in Neal Gorsuch who has done absolutely nothing to hide the utter contempt for justice he has, nor has he done anything to hide his blatant ,wanton corruption.

The GOP “leadership” in both houses of the Legislative branch is compromised, either directly via accepting illegal foreign campaign money, or indirectly via Kompromat. In some cases, there may even be direct links between the representative and the Russian intelligence arm (Dana Rorharabacher and Devin Nunes both have personal relationships with former KGB assets and current RNS operatives).

Here are just a smattering of things that are currently only protected by thin “precedent” (which is what made Kennedy a swing vote) or a 5–4 ruling along party lines:

- Roe v Wade
- Voting Rights Act (already gutted twice)
- Private Labor Unions
- National Park Protections
- Protected Classes
- The Majority of Workplace safety and labor laws
- Due Process for non-native citizens
- Due Process for previous criminal records

Our entire social safety net is now a few inches from being cut, and the people in charge have made every indication they intend to do just that.

I mean…there may be nothing stopping the Republicans from comitting massive fraud now. They can simply stack the court and strike down any challenge to any kind of archaic bill they want. There is no reason for them not to simply purge people from the voter roles.

I know, this post is very doom and gloom. It’s supposed to be. Things ARE this bad, and anyone who tells you otherwise is FUCKING LYING TO YOU.

You should be scared. You should feel anxiety. And you should understand the times we are living in and the importance of these moments.

We are living history right now. How we react to that, what we do in the next 6 months, is going to define this country for the next 50 years or more. Maybe the world.

Daniel Nicodemo

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