This is a bit nice.

Crikey, I feel like I should be writing something incredibly worthy now I’m on Medium. When I used to maintain a Wordpress blog ( — come for the bold name, stay because you had to leave your computer and left the browser tab open) I could pretty much get away with tapping out any old tripe and the surrounding page’s general shoddiness would ensure that no one actually paid much attention to it. Then Medium comes along and not only do I have to write words that look good and flow well against this baselined aesthetic, there’s a decent chance that someone might actually discover my work. I may have to do drafts.

I’ve meant to start writing again for months but not until I discovered Medium and rattling off that first paragraph have I found a platform that works for me. I’ve got lots of important ideas about really insignificant subjects I need to tell people about damn it, and not having to worry about styling and formatting makes it easier to just write the bloody words.

What can you expect? Nothing. I might not write another thing on the internet in my life. But if I do, it’ll probably be about movies, or games, or football — niche topics that you don’t see discussed a lot. You can also bet your bottom dollar that if something’s in the zeitgeist, I’ll be right there afterwards to comment on it when everyone’s stopped caring. #winning

Almost two years since the last post on my old blog — time to quit slacking off and generate some content like a good self-facilitating media node. Don’t forget to #engage!

(Sorry if this is indeed the last thing I write here.)