TAMUCTF2019 Onboarding Checklist Write-up

Hey guys, This is how I solved the Onboading Checklist Challenge from TamuCTF 2019. This kind of challenge you don’t see everyday so it was a lot of fun and really simple. Let’s GO.

The Challenge presents itself with this message. Apparently “importantperson” has allowed “someguy” to ask for new account request for the new employees and asked “someguy” to send an e-mail to tamuctf@gmail.com with the new employee’s e-mail address.
So, all we have to do is send a spoofed email to tamuctf@gmail pretending to “someguy” with our e-mail address.

I used this Website to do it.

And a few hours later we get our response back.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

by me