An Open Letter To Tilman Fertitta

Dear Tilman Fertitta,

Congratulations on buying the NBA Houston Rockets for 2.2 billion dollars back in September and I think you are going to be a great owner for the Houston Rockets. I heard a couple of weeks ago that you are interested in bringing an NHL team to Houston. I agree that Houston should get an NHL team because Houston is the 4th Largest city in the United States, Has a growing population, rich hockey history, and rivalry with the Dallas Stars. When you were making sure people would support an NHL team in Houston, well the Houston Aeros were one of the top in AHL attendance( )and in the 2011 Calder Cup playoffs the Aeros were selling out ( ). If Dallas can have an NHL team, I think Houston can have an NHL team and here’s an article that our neighbors up north agree Houston should get an NHL team ( ). Several years ago a Houston youth hockey team made nationals and did well ( ). These links I have cited are good examples that NHL could work in Houston and I wrote an article on why the NHL should come to Houston next ( ) and in that article I bring up a lot of good points about how great NHL to Houston would be. In the hope that you are see this open letter , I hope for the best Go Rockets and Bring The NHL to Houston.

Sincerely, Daniel Sotir, Houston sports fans, and Houston Hockey fans

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