Tilman Fertitta interested in buying and relocating the Arizona Coyotes to Houston

Ever since Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta bought the NBA Houston Rockets in the fall of 2017, he said about how he would like an NHL team in Houston. Then in November 2017, he met with the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on the possibilities of bringing an NHL team to Houston and recently a news reporter in Houston from Fox 26 Mark Berman on that Tilman Fertitta has met with Gary Bettman on buying and relocating the Arizona Coyotes to Houston.

Tweet from Tuesday December 11, 2018

With the speculation with the Coyotes moving to the Central division, there was lots of talks of the team moving to Houston, and looks like that could be the case based on the report. Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and CEO Tad Brown declined to comment, which means there is stuff going behind the scenes and they can’t reveal their business details yet. The Coyotes lease is up in 2019 at the Gila River Arena in Glendale and haven’t revealed anything on a new arena. So it could be possible if the Coyotes can’t find a solution to stay in Arizona, looks like they could be headed to play in Houston at the Toyota Center. I think it’s a good possibility it can happen with the Coyotes moving to Houston, and looks like we could see the Houston Coyotes hit the ice in the 2019–2020, 2020–2021, or 2021–2022 season. Houston could be the franchise is third home, where the franchise started in Winnipeg as they were the original Winnipeg Jets, then in 1996 the team moves to Phoenix to become the Phoenix Coyotes, then in 2014 they changed the name to the Arizona Coyotes, and if they move to Houston, do they keep the Coyotes name or change to something like the Aeros to be named after the WHA and IHL/AHL team.

An NHL team in Houston would be great because, its a huge market that the league needs, has lots of trasnsplants from the north, would be a great rivalry with the Dallas Stars, and Tyler Myers who plays for the Winnipeg Jets is from Houston. I think Coyotes to Houston a good possibility and would be good for the Coyotes move to the central in 2021 and would make the travel much better for the players and organization.

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