CNA Week 7

Yankees Start Strong

The New York Yankees began their season with a Spring Training win over the Detroit Tigers, 9–10. The Bronx Bombers were happy to win, but they were even more encouraged to see their star Mark Texiera back on the diamond. According to, Tex is entering his final season on his $180 million contract.

Rangers Don’t Staal at Trade Deadline

Looking to add depth to their offense, the New York Rangers sign Eric Staal, brother of Ranger Marc Staal before the trade deadline. The Rangers are looking to capitalize on the prior season where they made it deep into the playoffs. This move, however, expresses the Rangers need for a Cup this year, as their lineup is not getting any younger.

Ronda goes from Rags to Riches

MMA star Ronda Rousey describes her old home as a “hovel”. The recently defeated champion, now looks to regain her belt as she looks back to her past. Rousey seems to be using her humble origins as motivation for her upcoming fight.

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