The “Can Do” Era

At this stage of the Internet Age, there is really no excuse for a “can’t do” attitude.

Let’s say there is a need in your work for a screenshare tutorial. Never made one before? Doesn’t matter.

As with so many things, the first step is simply googling it. Boom, you find After a few clicks, you have a free account. A few more clicks and you’re recording. Don’t like your first take? Cancel the recording and try again. After you get a take you’re satisfied with, stop the recording and Loom gives you a sharable link to an online video.

In a matter of minutes, you’ve created something of value and started learning a new skill that will come in handy over and over again.

Resources, tools, and services like this exist in profuse abundance. You have creative power at your fingertips like no other generation before. Explore it. Use it. Live up to your blessings.