Unschooling with a “School”

I have intended to unschool my daughter since the day she was born. I still do, and yet I’m also leaning toward enrolling her in a “school” in January. Is this a contradiction? No, because the “school” I hope to enroll her in is sort of an “unschooling” school. It is an “Agile Learning Center” or ALC.

At ALCs, the children are just as free as home-based unschoolers. However, they also have every-day access to a community of co-learners, including adult “teachers” and an age-mixed group of fellow “students.”

Basically I’m hoping it will be one huge, year-round, standing “play date,” which is essential to me, because I fully agree with Dr. Peter Gray’s emphasis on the central importance of free social play in a child’s education. This approach will be far easier than constantly scheduling individual play dates. And since it will be roughly the same group of unschooled kids with freedom-minded staff and parents, it will be a more tight-knit community for my daughter than what would result from an ad hoc approach.

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