What Have They Been Smoking at Apple Music?
Steven Levy

I think the real topic of discussion is how songs and albums are defined by a specific genre, dictating the algorithms within the application. Even if the playlist were handpicked, every one has different opinions on what the song genre actually is, which gives the playlist it’s unique flavor.

Example. A band is defined as hard rock, but they may have one song on that album that is more folk. Since the entire album was labeled hard rock, this one folk song may not be discovered to folk listeners.

My idea to improve upon the algorithms is to specifically create genres for each song, giving users the unique chance to discover new music, as most artists these days cover multiple genres on albums.

Who would be responsible for labeling each song’s genre? I would imagine the artist would be responsible.

I do appreciate the read, as one thought always leads to another.


Dan Semotan

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