One CEO explains how surprised he was to find the remote teams he hired reshaping his company’s in-office work culture for the better.


“Want to get lunch?”

This is a phrase you’ll rarely hear at our office. It’s not that we don’t eat or spend time together, but it’s physically impossible for our entire team to be in the same place at the same time. Sixty percent of our team works remotely, so for us, grabbing lunch is, “let’s meet on Google Hangout.”

It wasn’t always that way. Originally at Traitify, our entire workforce was based in one Baltimore office. We had a two-floor space and separated teams by department–developers downstairs, business and data upstairs. Before long we noticed those two teams ended…

Daniel Sines

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Traitify (formerly Woofound Inc) Life, With Personality

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