Most programmers will make these mistakes in their career

Programming mistakes most inexperienced programmers make
Programming mistakes most inexperienced programmers make
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1. Measuring good code by the number of lines

Whether the code was done with a small number of lines or a lot of lines of code, good clean code should not be measured by the number of lines!

If you produce great code, with few bugs and easy to maintain, it is pretty much all that matters.

2. Looking for the answer before trying to solve the problem

Not having the confidence to believe that they can solve the problem for themselves so they go look online or ask another developer before even looking at it themselves.

One of the bigger problems with this is when code is copied from somewhere like StackOverflow and if any problems happen the developer doesn't know how to fix it as they don't understand how it works. …

Daily struggles of being a Software Developer

19 things that software developers hate to hear/see
19 things that software developers hate to hear/see
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1. Useless error messages

Whatever programming language or technology you’re using as a developer you will always come across them generic useless error messages. These type of errors are very time consuming when it comes to debugging as often it leaves developers with no starting point.

2. Badly named things

Names which do not reflect what a function, class or variable is for. This can make the code hard to follow very quickly and can become misleading.


var d = 2;
var myInt = 12;
var message = "An error";

3. “We’ll write tests later”

When a project comes in and is needed in a hurry the tests can sometimes take a hit. Developers may get told to write tests latter but more times then not them test never get written. …

Interesting tricks you can do with HTML/JS/CSS

Frontend tricks. HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Frontend tricks. HTML/CSS/JavaScript
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Below are some tricks which a lot of frontend developers don't know about. To do with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Hopefully, there will be at least a couple on the list which you didn't know about!

1. Datalist element

One HTML element that you don’t see used much at all and for no reason!

The <datalist> tag is used to provide an "autocomplete" feature for <input>elements. You will see a drop-down list of pre-defined options as you type.

Image for post
Image for post


<input list="animals" name="animal" id="animal"><datalist id="animals">
<option value="Cat">
<option value="Dog">
<option value="Chicken">
<option value="Cow">
<option value="Pig">

The <datalist> id attribute (see bold items above) must be equal to the list attribute of the<input> , this is what binds them together. …


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