A Plea for Supplication at Such a Time as This

Dear friends and family of Church of the Harbor, Pastor Larry here.

I write to you now, in this urgent hour, asking that you’ll take a minute of your Saturday to consider the momentous moment that is upon us as faithful servants of this Christian nation. (I remind you that, as far as our Heavenly Father, as revealed to us by Christ our Lord, is concerned, this day of leisure is not technically a day of rest.) Our liberties, nay our entire religious identity, is under attack from the vociferous and demonic forces of liberal ill-will and hedonism.

I speak of SB 1146.

If you doubt the magnitude of this moment, just remember how in 1983 Bob Jones University lost its tax-exempt status for refusing to stop discriminating against blacks. If this were not a kairos moment, I would not interrupt your cherished and holy family time this weekend, be assured.

Let me clear: the right that our treasured institutions of Christian higher education hold to discriminate against homosexuals while receiving government support and tax breaks is under attack. Praise God that in this dark hour, Biola University has informed us that there are several things we can do:

#1 Spread the Word

#2 Social Media

#3 Contact your Legislators

#4 Pray

I know that many of you have significant family friendly or outreach events to attend today. I am also aware that most of you are used to living in a bubble of such privilege that any call to political action that requires more than asking your pastor who to vote for after service on Sunday (obviously Trump, who Dr. Dobson assures us is a baby Christian) will be met with disbelief. We are all aware, of course, that the Heavenly Father chooses who gains power and who does not. In His infinite wisdom, He directs the course of history. Nevertheless, we are called to be faithful stewards of all he has given us: our whiteness, our straightness, our power and privilege. Thus, at the very least, I ask that you commit to pray.

For your convenience, I’ve included a call to prayer below. You can rest assured that its theological and political veracity are supported by Liberty University, Biola and all across this beautiful nation who follow the True Light.


Pray for Almighty God, the Father of Heaven and earth, to intervene in California history at such a time as this, when the freedom of faith-based institutions to live out their belief that homosexuals are inferior, while still receiving government support and tax breaks, is being threatened by the Whore of Babylon — Obama and his minions. Ask our High Priest Jesus Christ to intercede on our behalf so that we can continue to treat the homosexuals in our communities as second class citizens, if they’re lucky, and subhuman Philistines, if they’re not, while claiming to love them and care only for their eternal salvation. Pray that faith-based colleges and universities in California can continue living and educating in ways that are consistent with their scientifically unsupported, theologically unjustified and fear based convictions.

Fast if you can. But, of course, do only what the good Lord empowers you to do in His grace. There is no judgment here. Only love and grace.

Always in His loving arms,

Pastor Larry

#truth #grace #jesuslovesyou

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