Startups can be hard, but not as hard as…

  • Working at a corporate job you hate with colleagues who don’t share any of your passions or interests.
  • Running an agency or freelancing for clients, who’s businesses you don’t really understand, who never pay on time.
  • Working late nights in a bar or restaurant for little pay.
  • Working as a builder or house painter and pushing your limits physically with long days and early mornings.

I’ve done all of the above jobs over the years and hope I never have to again. They were all really hard because of the reasons stated above, but mostly because none of them were what I really wanted to do. The goal of them was to make money to get by. I actually dreaded going to work at most of these jobs and felt I wasn’t being true to myself.

‘Stop doing shit you hate’ — Gary Vaynerchuk

Give me the startup life any day over those jobs. I love getting up every day full of ideas, even when facing big challenges with marketing, team, product and making money. I don’t mind working long and sometimes crazy hours because I’m working on something I’m totally passionate about.

There’s no doubt it is hard at times, and the odds of failure are very high, but for me working on a startup is no where near as hard as doing a job you hate just for the money. It’s more challenging, rewarding and fun and I get to work only with people I really like and respect. Maybe it’s hard to make it big, but whatever, I never want a ‘real’ job ever again. 😊

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