Last week I shared an article about deleting the Facebook application from my beloved iPhone 7. I definitely experienced some withdrawal symptoms ranging from FOMO (fear of missing out) to a big empty void of free time. The latter was a boon after the FOMO wore off (took only a few days). Suddenly I felt human again — asking people in person about how their day was, what they did in school… making eye contact with people… Okay, I jest a little, but there’s a lot of reality grounded in that statement. …

I work in marketing. In fact, I’ve made a great career out of it — helping organizations evangelize their products and services in a honest and transparent manner. Part of my success is predicated on social media, and specifically, Facebook. In prior roles, I was a very large Facebook advertiser, spending millions per year on ads and content to reach potential customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Facebook. Love would be too strong of a word. I love my wife and son, not Facebook.

I’ve spent the majority of many speaking engagements and presentations at conferences helping all…

Big data has been around as long as data.

Think about it for a minute.

When man built the first computing machines that produced output, we had to invent some way to store the output. Magnetic tape was an early solution and as our data appetite grew, so did our innovation into to shrinking the footprint of our data hoarding ways. Take this iconic computing image, for example:

5 MB Hard Drive Being Delivered by IBM in 1956

Yes, that’s right, 5 MB. As in your Apple Watch has 3,200 times more memory and it fits on your wrist. But this is not my point. My point is that we’ve…

As a leader of a marketing organization, I am in a constant state of juggling competing priorities. My clients each believe their priorities are the most important, and thus should be completed first. In reality, that is almost never the case. In fact, many times their priorities are the least important. It’s my job as an executive to understand the goals of the organization and than translate those into priorities. I must rank the projects in order of how they will help the organization achieve their goals. At the same time, I have to balance those priorities against team retention…

Dan Soschin

Blogging at the intersection of marketing and technology; optimist; speaker; consultant; dad; husband; outdoorsman; doing the most good; collector of Pez.

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