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Election day has finally arrived and once again an overwhelming majority of polls indicate Trump is the underdog and unlikely to win the election. Following his surprise victory in 2016, Americans are curiously and anxiously pondering whether polling has improved four years later.

The 2016 Election came down to Trump securing an electoral college victory by capturing Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania by a combined margin of 77,744 votes. Prior to 2016 all three states were captured by the Democratic candidate for President since 1992.

In the 2008 Election, Obama increased the margin of Democrat…

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Over two weeks have passed since the NY Times walked back their support for the pretext that led to the overthrow of Bolivian President, Evo Morales this past November. Accusations of electoral fraud served as the stepping stone to deliver and amplify civil unrest within Bolivia that eventually culminated in Morales fleeing the country.

Conveniently eight months after the election and amidst the George Floyd protests dominating the news cycle in the United States, the NY Times has admitted the previously reported evidence of electoral fraud was flawed. …

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The $1.8 trillion economic stimulus package has failed to pass in the Senate for the second day in a row. Sixty votes are necessary for the legislation to pass, but the past two votes resulted in 47 Senators voting in favor on Sunday and 49 voting in favor in today’s vote. Clearly, it appears the legislation is not close to passing absent significant alterations.

Senate Democrats opposing the economic stimulus package mainly object to a $500 billion fund within the bill. Essentially this fund will be used to bailout corporations while providing marginal transparency and insufficient measures to prevent corporations…

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Noam Chomsky appeared on this week’s episode of the Useful Idiots podcast with hosts Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper. A wide variety of political topics were discussed, as Chomsky shared his thoughts on the coronavirus, healthcare in the United States, and his assessment of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Regarding the coronavirus, Chomsky discusses how the United States is ill-prepared to deal with the global pandemic due to the longstanding pattern of the U.S. Government prioritizing corporate interests over providing affordable and widely accessible healthcare. …

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While voting results from 3% of Iowa precincts still remain outstanding, current available data reveals Bernie Sanders is winning the final alignment vote and Pete Buttigieg holds an extremely small lead in state delegate equivalents. Taking into consideration the demographics of the precincts that have yet to officially report results, it appears Sanders may actually end up passing Buttigieg in state delegate equivalents once all results are configured.

Despite the significance placed upon winning the Iowa Caucus in previous election cycles, this potential victory for Bernie Sanders unfortunately will be overshadowed due to the combination of the delayed voting results…

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Inventing Reality: The Politics of the Mass Media

By: Michael Parenti

Despite being published in 1986, Parenti’s assessment and criticism of mass media in the United States remains extremely relevant today even as technology has significantly altered the media landscape. George Orwell’s 1984 has drawn significant attention with the election of Donald Trump, but Inventing Reality is a hidden gem for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the current political economy in the United States that created a suitable environment for the election of Trump. …

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Kirsten Gillibrand’s recent withdrawal from the 2020 Democratic Primary deserves a proper obituary. Despite touting herself as a progressive and feebly adopting the progressive rhetoric associated with Bernie Sander’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, Gillibrand is merely an opportunist who purposely avoids a consistent and grounded ideology.

Prior to entering politics, Kirsten Gillibrand was a private practice lawyer for 15 years. While employed at the well-known law firm, Davis Polk, Gillibrand was heavily involved as a defense attorney for Phillip Morris during the 1990s. …

Gun violence parallels the opioid epidemic as high levels of abuse are rooted in an embedded gun culture and pharmaceutical culture

Following every mass shooting, the debate over gun control dominates the news cycle. Mainstream political discourse will reproduce almost an identical copy of political theater after every new mass shooting.

During the ensuing few days, liberals and conservatives regurgitate the same language regarding their stance on gun control. Immediately, conservatives will call for thoughts and prayers and depending on the race of the shooter will either cite mental illness or terrorism as an explanation for the violence. …

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