Daniel Eb
Daniel Eb
Sep 11, 2017 · 1 min read

Great piece — timely and relevant.

I would go a step further. Millennial job hunters need to abandon the traditional recruitment industry entirely.

We’re relying on CV’s, cover letters and indifferent recruiters to spot our potential in a saturated market. We’re outsourcing life changing decisions to a system designed to service employer’s headcount, not match talent to meaningful work.

There’s a reason 70% of millennials are disengaged at work and 60% are always looking to move on [gallup]. We’ve evolved up Maslow’s hierarchy , working for a paycheck isn’t enough and the recruitment industry simply hasn’t caught up. In fact, at it’s core, it hasn’t substantially changed since the industrial revolution.

We need to go direct and sidestep the hiring funnel completely. No more shotgunning CV’s, no more applications, no more recruiters.

It’s all about value right? So lead with your value via a hire-me pitch — a case study that showcases your potential by directly addressing a challenge or opportunity that matters to the business.

Leverage it to land referral interviews — by far the most effective way to get hired.

The system is broken, articles like yours Kira are painful reminders that we’re selling ourselves out and are being sold short.

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