Money in people’s life

Money rules the world?

Money is the driving force that makes the world go round. Without it we can’t imagine our life. Many people argue that money is the same source of all evil in the world, and others strongly believe that money is what drives us and makes us happy.

As for me, I believe that money can bring us happiness only for a short period of time by giving you good emotions and impressions. Money helps people to live and to be happy, but it can’t give you really valuable things such as love, friendship, family etc.

The biggest challenge money brings about in the world is the fact that everything is valued in terms of money, and subsequently people without money are deemed useless. Conversely people with a lot of money are more respected, and they accumulate all the power and prestige in the society. Other values are often made to play a second role to money. However, being rich (or well-off) brings you lots of amenities as you haven’t limitations in your expenses, you are able to travel a lot, help your family, provide your children with good education, comfortable life, and also you have a real opportunity to do something useful, f.e. to make donations. Thus, money gives us a lot of opportunities.

But there is one statement: “Poverty is a challenge” and, if to analyze it, we can see some good sides of being poor. First of all, poor people often more appreciate such things as health, family, love, than the rich. Poverty forges your character and will power. You have to constantly think about your budget: how to pay bills and taxes, the rent, how to make ends meet. And poverty turns people to become prosperous.

And we must remember the following “no matter if you are rich or poor as it doesn’t say what person you are; money either can harm or help. Everything depends on you.”