12 types of counseling you need to know about….

Counseling is not something that everyone proudly shows off, but it is often needed. People have many misconceptions about counseling. They often confuse counseling with psychiatric activities and to an extent it is true. But counseling is not just for people who happen to be mad but also for the betterment of already better situation.

Dana Wiley is an organization with expert staff to assist you with various types of counseling. Given below are various types of counseling offered by Dana Wiley:

  • Individual, Family & Marital Therapy
  • Medication Evaluation & Management
  • Clinical Evaluations for most psychiatric disorders, including but :

Attention Deficit Disorder

Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder

Depression, Dementia

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Eating Disorders, Schizophrenia

  • Full Complement of Psychological testing such as IQ, Personality, Neuropsychological, Aptitude & Forensic
  • Dementia Evaluation
  • Pre-surgical Psychiatric Screening Evaluations for Bariatric or Cosmetic Surgeries
  • Rape Abuse Counseling/Domestic Abuse Counseling
  • Forensic Psychological Evaluations
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • Suicide Risk Assessment Training
  • Grief & Loss Counseling
  • Co-Dependency & Relationship Issues

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is misuse or abuse of opiates which is commonly known as narcotics. Constant dependency on it is very harmful. It not only harms a victim physically and mentally but also devastates a family, finances, and academic and employment opportunities.

Dr. Dana Wiley is certified Psychiatrist and has the team of talented and skilled Psychologist and therapists to provide you with the best treatment. Psychological Evaluations and Domestic Abuse Counseling in South Carolina to its customers. Every individual has tailored schedule and is taken care of personally.

We have 2 well-equipped offices located at Greater Greenville/Powdersville and Anderson, South Carolina to provide with Suboxone treatment and therapy.

People often ignore problems and collisions and arguments that lead to bigger issues and resulting into family breaking or suicide attempts or relationship disintegration. They may not know how much it is affecting their day to day routine, physical as well as mental health and socio-economic status as well. Come to Dana Wiley to get life back on track and save your relationships.

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