Eating disorder problem — Come to Dana Wiley to solve that

Not eating food can cause health problem but can you believe eating could cause a problem too. Well, this happens when you have eating disorder. It prevails mostly in the USA. It may be unbelievable but there are many types of eating disorders in South Carolina itself. Some caused by overeating and some by purging out what you have eaten. The USA has been a victim of many different disorders and addiction but following eating disorders are main culprits:

1. Atypical anorexia nervosa: Anorexia is low consumption of food in order to have toned body. This happens when a person this he/she is fat and needs to diet or eat less food. They do not consume basic required food and thus resulting into damage of physical and mental body.

2. Bulimia nervosa: Eating excessive food and then purging out willingly. This could damage Kidney, Esophagus, Heart, Skin, Teeth, etc. Bulimia nervosa is even fatal than Anorexia as it reduces the confidence of a person.

3. Binge-eating disorder: Consuming thousands and thousands of calories at a time, when not required is known as Binge eating disorder. This happens when a person has a habit of eating junk food all day every day. The USA is full of people consuming burgers and pizza and French fries resulting into stomach, kidney and intestine damage.

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