Each day that comes, there is always a desire for new things. People desire different things and some set new goals to achieve them, some just overlook them and some set new goals and eventually abandon them in a short while.

Desire comes with every proportion of our daily living, desire to eat or drink something, then getting them if you have the capacity to, desire to visit or reach-out to a friend or colleague, desire to break new frontiers, desire to have new properties, desire to learn new things and other desires of various kinds. I say, “No one lives without a desire”, only action differs. Also, every desire should take us to new levels of growth and development, it should not cause a deceleration in our growth capacity. Many things may seem pleasant, but not all things seem progressive, like old friends that have not added any value to us and we keep stalking around them, diets that have not given us good body balance, beliefs and doctrines that have not helped us scale a step ahead.

What signifies you from every other desire? Taking steps! You need to take steps to lead the life of your dream, nothing comes to you when you sit around and wallow in JUST desire. Every desire needs a catalyst, the catalyst is ACTION. You would not know if a door is close or open, you would not know if there is opportunity in something except you tap into it and explore. Your desire maybe to be a grade-A student and you feel all odds are on you, NO, it is only your belief. You can be all you want to be beyond your odd, if only you take steps and a step could only be equipped after you believe.

The world will only celebrate you, if only you take new steps and break new frontiers. To succeed, you have to breakthrough new frontiers, you have to live beyond what is expected of you. The world expects normal or even less of you and expects more from you, it is a complicated world, and you need to grow beyond that expectation so the world will celebrate you. Have you heard people say, you cannot do some things, that you are not capable to learn new skills, meet amazing people, do new stuffs and break new frontiers. It is just a lie to hold you back, it is to hold your progress and break you from reaching your goal. Nothing is seemingly impossible, except you see it so.

Take responsibilities of any kind, be hyper-active wherever you find yourself, provide solution to every problem you meet. Don’t be dumb about the flow of things, equip yourself consistently. You should always integrate yourself intelligently, excellently and progressively, as you find yourself in new environments. Take responsibilities, ask to serve in areas of your skill set or passion, it will build your capacity.

There is no height to which you can go if you don’t set limit for yourself. You need to live beyond your belief and expect the new life you so desire. Eat the food you desire, meet new people, set new goals, accomplish new goals, set new record, grow beyond you doubt, celebrate your successes even if no one does, be happy, let the world celebrate you.

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