Starbucks losing “bucks”?

Christmas season is just around the corner. The air is getting colder and colder. Every store is embracing one of the best seasons of the year and of course, the best holiday. Starbucks has always decorated their cups with different designs making them “christmas-y”. This year is different and it is definitely turning heads. This goes from the average coffee drinker all the way up to a 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

This year instead of snowflakes and deer they have decided to go with a basic red ombre look with their basic logo in the middle. The vice president of Starbucks told the media that they are going with this style this year to embrace everyones views on Christmas.

It is said that any controversy is good controversy because it brings awareness to the company but is it worth it when there is talk about boycotting that company? Especially if it is a 2016 Presidential candidate. Boycotting was Donald Trumps idea and he made it clear it was his idea when he announced his stance on the companies decision on national television.

A boycott would greatly effect the companies business and could change the Starbucks forever but is that really going to happen? I know myself, being an avid coffee drinker, that a day without coffee is filled with headaches and fatigue because of this beautiful thing called, caffeine addiction. I think anyone who is going to boycott Starbucks will only last a few days before they decide to give in and drink a decadent peppermint mocha because of the gnarly headache they have.

A huge movement is sweeping the nation. It is very smart but how in the world is this negatively affecting Starbucks? The idea is that when a customer orders a drink they tell the cashier their name is Merry Christmas. This is a brilliant idea until you really think about it. That customer just paid five dollars for a good, but over priced coffee. I doubt any cashier cares if they have to write Merry Christmas on the newly designed cup as long as they are getting their paycheck at the end of the month.

Starbucks has shown no decline in sales and actually are showing quite the opposite. Like normal Starbucks is on top of the coffee market and looks like it is going to stay there for a long time. Yes, there may be a handful of people who won’t drink Starbucks anymore and are going to take their business somewhere else but will that make a difference? Coffee sales go up during the winter season due to the colder weather. The cold weather makes everyone want a hot coffee to warm them up. On top of that, a pound of Starbucks’ Holiday Blend makes for quite the Christmas gift and what goes better with a pound of coffee? A brand new coffee mug to put the delicious coffee in

After Starbucks started to make a presence in the coffee world they have become an unstoppable powerhouse of coffee making. If you bought stock in Starbucks at the right time you made a killing.

With all of this in mind, I think Starbucks making a move like this was rather smart. Yet again they are getting publicity that isn't going to make a dent in their sales and will actually probably make their sales go up due to the customers wanting to try out the Merry Christmas trick. So the question is, why did Starbucks make this bold move?

This move was made in part because of the rise of other coffee companies. Tully’s coffee is starting to make a bigger name for itself and lets not forget about McDonalds getting into the coffee scene. Dutch Bro’s will always be competition and The Human Bean will always be in the rear view mirror waiting for its chance to be on the top. With all of these other coffee companies or coffee makers that may not quite be at the level Starbucks is, they still have a presence and Starbucks has noticed.

On the surface this looks like a basic design change for the Christmas season that Starbucks wanted to use. In all reality Starbucks is a lot smarter than that and deep down, beneath the surface, this is a business tactic. This was a gamble to get publicity to pull themselves ahead of the pack even more and it looks like it worked. Companies use this type of reverse psychology all the time trying to get some type of media attention. This time it seems as if Starbucks pulled it off better than ever.

If you really think about it, Starbucks got everyone in America to think about them by changing the design of their cups. They have every news station talking about them and every social media is blowing up about the change in design. A Presidential candidate spoke publicly, on national television, about these new cups.

If you really think about it, if you look deeper than the surface, Starbucks pulled one of the best business schemes America has ever seen and no one has noticed the real business motive behind it. We are all to busy fighting over a cup that holds our over priced coffee. Well played Starbucks, well played.

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