Buying shoes IS being fiscally responsible

Happy Monday, fabulous!

This week’s money tip: Want an affordable personal finance advisor? Check out Future Advisor. It’s free to sign up and you get access to a detailed personalized plan. Otherwise, you can work with one of their advisors for a $10 fee on a $100,000 investment (please visit site for full details). Shout-out to my buddy, James Odentude founder of PointStream, for telling me about this app.

I hope you had an amazing weekend and productive week. I spent some time in the sun, worked my booty off at the gym, and attended a TON of events.

Me with my city’s mayor. Mayor Libby Schaaf shared how Oakland business owners can best support the city’s economic growth during the East Bay Women in Business Roundtable luncheon. She’s such a beautifully genuine person with big plans for the town.
Umm…I want a puppy. Universe, do you hear me? This puppy clearly wants to live with me. Right?

Have you reviewed your first quarter finances? How did you do?

If your bookkeeping is up to date, the best way to review your progress is to run your Profit and Loss (aka Income Statement) report. This report will detail your earnings and expenses.

This first quarter was amazing for my company. Within the first three months of this year, we earned over half of what we earned all last year. I’m so thrilled!

It’s been a lot of work and I’m all about celebrating wins along the way.

So, I’m treating myself to a pair of Tieks. Woo hoo!

And I would love your help. I truly feel like you are a part of my company’s success and I appreciate you being a part of my journey. So, help a sista out!

Which one should I get?

Click here to tweet me at @danethadoe and let me know which number I should get!



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Danetha Doe (@danethadoe) is an accountant and entrepreneur, passionate about helping women achieve financial independence. Check out her community, Money and Mimosas, to learn how to become a financially savvy business owner.

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