You are likely to see no general reformation till you procure family reformation. — Richard Baxter

Basics of a Godly Man — The 4 p’s

The church needs godly men. Manhood is not determined by age. A person can be in their 30’s with a job but still living selfishly, avoiding responsibilities such as marriage and fatherhood, so they can play more. I’m grateful for Voddie Baucham Jr. and his book “What He Must Be…If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.” In it he gives us a biblical picture of manhood.

For men this book gives us a compelling vision of what we can aspire to be as godly men. For women it gives a compelling vision of what to look for in a future spouse, or if already married, what to encourage their husbands to be.

The 4 P’s

Protector — a godly man will put himself between his family and all who would do harm.

  • Strength is not the best indicator of a man being a good protector.
  • The best indicator is holiness. A man who is passionate about Christ-like holiness will naturally do anything he can to get in the way of oncoming harm, and also have the spiritual discernment to protect against non-physical threats (moral, spiritual, mental, emotional etc).

Provider — a godly man makes adequate preparation in advance for his families needs.

  • Being a good provider is not the same as being upper-middle class. We are often influenced by the expectations of parents and friends (keeping up with the Kim's).
  • 1 Thes 4:10–12 defines the standard of being a good provider as “not dependent on anyone.” Can he support the family independently?

Prophet — a godly man speaks on behalf of God to his family.

  • He brings up God naturally in everyday conversation with his family. On the way to school, at the dinner table, while on vacation…Deut 6:6–7
  • He plans and initiates regular family worship. Read. Pray. Sing.

Priest — a godly man speaks on behalf of his family to God.

  • He prays with and for his family regularly.
  • Relentless intercession Gen 18:23–33

These are just the basics. I say these things not as someone who has arrived, but as a fellow brother with room to grow. Let’s resolve to be godly men together. Ladies, we need your help. We need prayer, we need encouragement, we need support to be this type of man. Push but do not overly criticize. Be patient with us in prayer.

Here is my sermon prezi about this topic:

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