How a Missed VC meeting led to a Comparison of Donald Trump and Suge Knight

WTF are you thinking???

I was chatting with my friend tonight watching the DNC and the conversation took an interesting turn. I didn’t think through this that much, it’s just meant to be recap of the conversation.

So our company was selected for diversity Office Hours (yay!) by a very popular brand, but we didn’t find out until less that 24 hours before we were supposed to meet with partners from a top tier firm. We were super pumped, but unfortunately we couldn’t go because we had already booked a meeting where we were working to get Dangle in front of hundreds of families. Back to school is coming soon and it’s a crucial time for us.

We had sent some emails and tweets off about rescheduling and didn’t get any responses as everyone is super busy. In a moment of pettiness I was just like how about I retweet my earlier tweet and answer the questions to my myself with smartass, sarcastic answers. Very mature I know. I’m very passionate about Dangle. It’s my life.

My friend was like that is some stuff Trump would have done. We started laughing and wondered is there anyone in Tech and Startups like Trump? A big personality, controversial views, and misses the good old days? I don’t know enough about the history of Silicon Valley to answer that, but a name did come up. He’s not related to tech at all but was very successful at a young age. Suge Knight. Think about it. Both were outsiders to their industries and wanted to shake up the game. Have built companies that were considered empires. These empires each filed for bankruptcy. They’ve been called bullies. There was violence at their events. Trump uses the National Enquirer to get his message across, Suge uses his goons. Both had passionate supporters. Successful offspring. Suge — Snoop. Trump — Ivanka.

The big difference is obviously Trump hasn’t been in trouble with the law(and he’s in the final 2 for POTUS). He’s actually the “Law and Order” candidate. I don’t know what will happen to Trump if he doesn’t win in November, but I don’t expect him to be in jail in the future. However I wouldn’t be surprised if they both took a personality test and the results are more similar than different.

Any other similarities that I missed? Am I totally off base and losing my mind? Let me know in the comments.

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