It has been incredible to see an idea come to life in front of your eyes, into a service that people all around the world are using.

Just to give a little background on myself, I am new to tech. I was a basketball player in high school and college, and 4 knee surgeries later, I hung up my Nikes and started a successful biz dev career in financial services. When my sweetheart 10-year-old nephew stopped doing his homework and chores, it was around the same time I decided to stay at home with my newborn son, Cameron (he’ll be 2 in October). My brother Laramie, a divorced dad, came up for the idea for Dangle, which allows parents to manage their kids homework, chores, and activities from anywhere. From there it was lots of research while breast-feeding at home, watching videos, snap storms, reading books, articles, and the like on entering the tech world, building a product, growing a user base, soliciting feedback, and iterating.

For the past few months, we have been in testing internally and with friends, and now have hundreds of families using Dangle every day.

We’ve seen carrots ranging from new shoes, concert tickets, to trips to amusement parks, and cold, hard cash. Our team has been talking to users, both kids and adults, and getting feedback, which has proven to be a valuable way to make improvements, feature additions, and future plans for Dangle. Over the summer, chores and extracurricular activities were the bulk of tasks kids were completing to earn rewards. Now that school is around the corner, homework will be added to the mix, and we are excited to announce our “Back to School Beta.”

We are working with dozens of school districts and Parent Teacher Organizations around the country, after hearing from educators who are excited about how Dangle can increase student performance and deepen family engagement.

Are you a parent whose kids need a little incentive to get back in the flow of things for the start of the school year?

Are you a cool aunt or uncle whose niece/nephew always wants goodies from you, but you don’t know how they’re doing in school?

Are you a coach who wants to make sure your student-athletes are managing their time efficiently, and still keeping up with training now that school is back in session?

We want you to download Dangle and try it out. We are going to open up Dangle to more families to test. Dangle a trip to the movies on a Friday night, or minigolf, or $20 for in-app Clash Royale purchases (my nephew says that’s what the 5th graders are playing now).

Let us know what you think! What do you like? What don’t you like? What would be a cool feature to see? What is a feature that you think is unnecessary or difficult to use?

I’m excited for the start of this school year and to see how the changes we’ve made to Dangle will help families even more than ever.

Since we are all about rewards, we will also Dangle something for you all as well. If your child earns a reward this month we will enter you into a drawing for a $100 gift card. We appreciate your involvement and we hope to see you sign up soon!